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Our Beer

About Ledge Beer

Great beer starts with great water, and our water comes from an artesian well tapping into the aquifer beneath the pristine headwaters of the Saco River. We use only the finest grains, hops and yeast with an emphasis on regional sourcing. All our beer is brewed in house on our three barrel brewhouse. Our tap list is varied: from saisons and IPAs to lagers, stouts and barrel-aged porters, there is always something for everyone on tap at Ledge.

Not into beer?

We also have house-brewed hard seltzer, wine by the glass, hard cider, non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic fruit seltzer available!

Check the Home Page for the current lineup!

Some of our favorite creations

Hive Mind / Farmhouse Saison – 4.7% ABV
Pining For You / West Coast IPA – 5.2% ABV
Great Brook Stout / Pitch-black Ale 5% ABV

Brewed In House

  1. MASH:
    The process begins by steeping carefully measured portions of different types of malted grain in heated water. The sweet liquid that results is then drawn off into the kettle, where a timed boil begins.
  2. BOIL:
    Hops are added during the boil, with the timing and amounts determined by the specific recipe.
    After the boil the liquid is cooled, oxygenated and mixed with yeast as it is sent to fermenting tanks, where it sits in a temperature controlled environment.
    Trillions of yeast cells complete their life cycle, consuming oxygen and sugars and converting them to alcohol and CO2. Called fermentation, this process takes up to two weeks for ales, up to six weeks for lagers (lager yeast ferments cold and slow).
    Next the beer is sent to brite tanks to let the particles in suspension settle out, and CO2 is added for carbonation. At this point some varieties enter our barrel aging program, destined to rest in oak spirits barrels for up to a year before bottling.
    The rest are kegged. Freshly filled kegs are rolled into the cold storage room and hooked up to tap lines, ready to satisfy thirsty patrons in the Ledge Tasting Room!